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Why Are Campaigns So Expensive?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

People have rightfully been asking how my campaign will spend their donations. Here are some common expenses associated with running a successful campaign:

  • Candidate Statement for the voter pamphlet: $2000 Each candidate may prepare a voluntary Candidate’s Statement which will be printed in the Sample Ballot Voter Information Pamphlet and mailed to all registered voters within the jurisdiction of that office. The candidate must pay for the actual cost of the document to be processed, including printing, translations, etc.

  • Online fundraising platform: Monthly recurring cost (typically $50-$150/month) If you haven't already, please donate here

  • Website hosting: Monthly recurring cost (typically $10-$40/month)

  • Yard signs: $7.50-$10 each

  • T-shirts: $10-$15/shirt

  • Print mailers: $1-$3 each At 2,100 registered voters in district 2 in Solana Beach, that ends up being around 1,200 unique addresses, so this can quickly add up.

  • Door hangers: $0.25 each I plan to knock on every door in the district. When people aren't home or don't answer the door, it's common practice to leave behind a door hanger with some messaging and contact information about the campaign.

  • Campaign treasurer: Monthly recurring cost, varies There are campaign finance reporting rules that must be carefully followed by every campaign. The Fair Political Practices Commission has abundant information on these regulations, and many candidates choose to have a professional treasurer make sure everything is above board.

  • Campaign manager: Monthly recurring cost, varies The campaign manager wears a lot of different hats - consultant, cheerleader, fundraiser, and is a critical part of the campaign team.

The most important thing you can do to support local candidates is to remember to vote on November 8. Donations are a close second. Thank you for your support!

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