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No Cars Tomorrow - It's Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day

Wednesday October 12 is National Walk, Bike, and Roll to School Day! Choosing to bike or walk to school helps us in so many ways:

  • It enables our kids to incorporate regular physical activity in to their daily routine

  • It helps our environment by reducing the amount of pollutants and greenhouse gasses emitted by cars

  • It reduces traffic congestion

  • It builds a sense of community as you develop walking and biking buddies and can chat with your neighbors when you're outside enjoying our lovely weather

  • It lowers costs for families, especially now with gas being so expensive

  • It encourages the development of better bike and walk infrastructure, which can increase home values and drive more business to our local shops and restaurants

If elected to City Council, I will make it a priority to improve the city's bike/walk infrastructure - read more about my goals of creating safe and user-friendly pedestrian and bike options for all ages.

Our family has always been a big biking family - here are some pictures from over the years of the many adventures we have taken via bike.

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