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Voting is Underway - What is Your Plan to Vote?

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

My daughter Kaitlyn and I voted in person on Saturday morning at Skyline Elementary. I wanted her to see firsthand how the process works, and she very much enjoyed selecting my name on the ballot marking device.

Just remember Kristin For The Win when you are selecting your representative for Solana Beach City Council, District 2. The names may be similar, but my values and principles set me apart from my opponent. I'm is listed first on the ballot since I will put the residents of Solana Beach first!

If you have already mailed in or dropped off your vote-by-mail ballot, thank you! If you haven't voted yet, there is still plenty of time and lots of options. And did you know? North County Transit District will offer free bus and train rides for North County residents on Election Day. BREEZE, COASTER, SPRINTER, FLEX and LIFT services will be free for all riders on Election Day, Tuesday, November 8.

Drop off your vote-by-mail ballot

If you plan to vote using your vote-by-mail ballot, make sure it's postmarked by Tuesday November 8, or you can drop it off in person:

  • Drop it off at Skyline Elementary School by Tuesday November 8:

  • Sunday 11/6 8am-5pm

  • Monday 11/7 8am-5pm

  • Tuesday 11/8 7am-8pm

  • Drop it off at the Solana Beach Library by Tuesday November 8:

  • Monday 11/7 10am-6pm

  • Tuesday 11/8 12pm-7pm

Here are additional ballot drop-off locations in San Diego County as well:

Vote in person

If you plan to vote in person, you can do so at Skyline Elementary School on the following days:

  • Sunday 11/6 8am-5pm

  • Monday 11/7 8am-5p

  • Tuesday 11/8 7am-8pm

There were no lines when I went on Saturday morning, but I expect lines will get longer as Tuesday approaches, so I recommend you vote as soon as possible to minimize possible wait times.

Here are additional voting locations in San Diego County:

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