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Press Release: Top Political Leaders Endorse Kristin Brinner for Solana Beach City Council District

State and regional leaders paying rare attention to contentious local race

SOLANA BEACH – Kristin Brinner, candidate for Solana Beach City Council District 2, announced today endorsements from several prominent elected officials, political leaders and activists in the region. Solana Beach’s California State Senator, Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins; Solana Beach’s California State Assemblymember, 78th District, Chris Ward; Chair of the County Board of Supervisors Nathan Fletcher; San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria; and City of Solana Beach Former Deputy Mayor Peter Zahn have all voiced their support of Brinner’s candidacy.

“I am deeply honored to have the support of individuals like these who believe in restoring Solana Beach as an environmental leader, preserving historic communities and exploring reasonable housing policies,” said Brinner. “Having their support gives us the hope that Solana Beach can and will pass the torch to an independent, forward-thinking leader who believes in fiscal responsibility, transparent communication and open dialogue.”

Incumbents are rarely challenged in Solana Beach City Council elections, but this year Brinner’s campaign to unseat similarly named Kristi Becker has drawn support from top political leaders.

To allow Solana Beach residents the opportunity to hear from both District 2 candidates, a public forum was planned; however, in another development in this contentious race, Brinner’s opponent Kristi Becker declined to participate.

“We cannot trust our city’s future to someone who refuses to debate key issues, balks at the opportunity to engage our community and doesn’t take their elected responsibility seriously,” said Brinner. “Becker’s lack of willingness to fulfill this responsibility, in addition to her feeble attempts to spread misinformation about me and my viewpoints, speaks volumes about her character.”

Elected officials that have issued their endorsement:

“I’m proud to support a local leader in Kristin Brinner. She brings integrity and experience to her vision for Solana Beach – community priorities, sustainable solutions, accountable leadership.”

  • California State Senate President pro Tempore Toni G. Atkins

“Kristin Brinner acts with the utmost honesty and is devoted to balancing community priorities, finding sustainable solutions and adhering to an inclusive approach to government. Solana Beach has found a true community advocate in Kristin – she has the passion and expertise to lead and affect lasting positive change.”

  • San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria

“Kristin brings passion to city government, her fresh take and experience are poised to guide Solana Beach through the challenges of the future - climate, housing, community. A vote for Kristin is a vote for progress.”

  • Chair of County Board of Supervisors Nathan Fletcher

“As Solana Beach’s California State Assemblymember, I have a deep interest in seeing the community progress and evolve into what it could be under solid leadership. Kristin Brinner’s outlook on several issues facing the community will make a positive impact on the area for many years to come. Vote for Kristin and watch progress unfold.”

  • Assemblymember, 78th District, Chris Ward

"I had the chance to work with Kristin when I served on the Solana Beach City Council. She’s an innovator and creative problem solver who understands our city’s needs. Her background as a science Ph.D, entrepreneur, engineer, environmental advocate and parent of an elementary school aged student more than qualifies her to represent District 2 on the Council. I endorse Kristin enthusiastically and without reservation!"

  • Former City of Solana Beach Deputy Mayor Peter Zahn

Brinner has also received endorsements from the Climate Defenders Action Fund and BikeSD, two local nonprofit organizations who share Brinner’s passion for combating climate change and encouraging clean, alternative modes of transportation.

For more information on Kristin Brinner’s campaign, visit Residents are also encouraged to join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have any questions, please reach out to Brinner’s campaign team at

Endorsements Press Release
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