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The Importance of Fiscal Responsibility

I have been engaged in business, as a small business founder and currently as Lead Engineer in a software development business. I am responsible for developing budgets, creating timelines, and managing product development for large clients, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. That’s why I believe in fiscal accountability and understand the importance of adhering to well-developed budgets.

If elected, I will work to ensure that our city keeps costs in line with available resources. Our city of almost 14,000 people has an annual budget of approximately 35 million dollars. Our two largest revenue sources are property taxes and sales taxes. Local economic generators such as vacation tourism, and office and retail business, support a significant portion of the City’s commercial base. I believe we need to do more to support these revenue streams to strengthen the city’s finances.

Our city’s fiscal resources will grow in the long term by making our city more resident- and business-friendly. If elected I will do the following:

  • Support local businesses: City council should act in the best interest of its residents by supporting local stores, restaurants, and small businesses who provide critical tax revenue. Unfortunately our city’s performance doesn't support this. The Council has made it unattractive for small businesses to come to Solana Beach, for example by placing near impossible requirements on restaurants that want to open here. Equally frustrating, Council has made it difficult for growing businesses to stay in the city. Meanwhile, some storefronts have been empty for almost a decade. Empty parking lots are a visual blight. As a city councilor, I will work with small businesses, encourage them to come to our city, and fight to make sure they can grow and thrive here.

  • Prioritize development of active transportation options for residents of all ages: By improving bike/walk options and de-emphasizing the need for additional parking or faster roads, we can make our city a more livable home while reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Our city is small and the weather is ideal, so I envision a city where the option to bike or walk to their local small businesses, restaurants, and shops is equally competitive with the option to drive their car. Supporting a vibrant local business economy will then ensure the city continues to have the necessary funds to focus on local issues such as crime, homelessness, and infrastructure maintenance.

  • Save our beaches: By working to preserve and restore our coastline, we can save our city’s beaches. The beaches are one of the main reasons people want to live here and want to come visit. Without our wonderful, precious coastal resources, property values will decrease and the tourist industry will collapse. As a result, our city's long term financial health will suffer.

  • Champion meaningful housing policies: By providing equitable housing opportunities we can ensure that our city provides a home for families and seniors, while building a vibrant and diverse local community of homeowners and renters. Otherwise we will be hollowed out as a city of short-term rentals and second (or third) vacation homes. This will also support the city’s budget and local small businesses as well.

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