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Fundraising Update: On Fridays, We Wear Navy

Thursday September 29 is the first Pre-Election reporting deadline where campaigns must file the necessary document (Form 460 to be exact) publicly reporting the funds raised to date. I'm happy to report that we're already halfway past our goal of raising $10,000. It's important we make a strong showing here; robust fundraising indicates that the campaign is viable and competitive.

To raise awareness of the campaign, we ask that on Fridays all of our wonderful volunteers and donors wear their navy campaign shirts. Talk to a neighbor or friend about the campaign as well. District 2 only has about 2200 registered voters, so more than ever, every vote counts.

If you've already donated, many thanks! If you haven't, please consider doing so. Every bit helps. Even a small donation does a lot to demonstrate broad community support. If you donate and would like a campaign T-shirt or a yard sign, please contact us and we'll happily drop one off at your house. If you'd like to endorse my campaign, please contact us as well - we have a growing list of local residents who have already endorsed me for city council. We ask that people wear their shirts on Fridays to help spread the word about the campaign. Thank you for your support!

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