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Fundraising Update

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

This one will be short and sweet - we have passed the halfway mark ($5,461* to be precise) of our goal of raising $10,000 for the campaign (click here to donate)! The funds are used to pay for the candidate statement for the voter pamphlet, yard signs, campaign mailers and door hangers, our wonderful campaign treasurer, and the website and fundraising platforms (if you're interested, here's a more detailed breakdown of what things cost).

If you've already donated, a big thank you! If you haven't donated yet, please consider donating if you care about any of the following goals for our city:

  • Protecting our beaches

  • Improving bike/walk infrastructure and safety, especially for our kids

  • Encouraging local small businesses, including getting more restaurants to come to Solana Beach

  • Restoring our position as an environmental leader

  • Exploring equitable housing options to grow a diverse community

Every bit helps! We still have a small supply of campaign t-shirts as well. If you donate and would like a shirt, contact me and I'll let you know what sizes are left and will happily drop one off at your house if you promise to wear it :) We're asking that people make a point of wearing their shirts on Fridays to help spread the word.

campaign tshirt

* Why a weird, non-round number like $4750? The fundraising platform and credit card merchants all take a small percentage of each transaction. If you write a check, we get the full amount but I hear you - I sometimes forget where my checkbook is hidden in my desk I use it so rarely.

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