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Fossil Free Fuel Pledge

As a political candidate, I'm proud to have taken the Fossil Free Fuel San Diego pledge:

"I pledge to not take any money from the oil, gas, investor-owned utilities and coal industries, including political action committee contributions, and I pledge to always prioritize the interests of equity, human health, our community, workers and the environment over interests of the fossil fuel and investor-owned utility profits."

This is an important part of my commitment to a healthy, equitable, ethical, just transition and sustainable world. The worst environmental impacts of the climate crisis are still to come, and communities of concern are experiencing negative and long-lasting health impacts as a result. Fossil fuel money given to elected officials and nonprofit organizations has eroded bold climate action for the sake of shareholder profits. This needs to stop. I reject fossil fuel money and commit to real climate leadership.

Also read more about how I will raise the level of environmental advocacy as a city councilor.

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