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Read more about my positions and priorities for Solana Beach.

Safe, User-Friendly Pedestrian & Bike Options

My daughter and I walk or bike to school almost every day, so we know that better streets and sidewalks are needed in our city. If elected, I will advocate for immediate improvements to several busy streets that see a lot of foot and bike traffic, especially during school hours.

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Save Our Beaches

Our city’s beaches are a unique and irreplaceable asset that enriches all of our lives. If elected, I will  ensure that appropriate fees, mitigation, conditions, and scrutiny are applied to any development that takes away our right to enjoy this community asset. We owe our beaches and community nothing less.

Environmental Leadership

If elected, I will lead the effort to raise the level of environmental advocacy for the council and add urgency to the Council’s consideration of important climate and environmental priorities.


Fiscal Responsibility

I believe in fiscal accountability and understand the importance of adhering to well-developed budgets. If elected, I will work to ensure that our city keeps costs in line with available resources.

Meaningful Housing Policies

One of the worst kept secrets in our city is that there’s a housing crisis. While homeowners are happy to see galloping real estate values, we all know the city is out reach for most people. As city councilor, I will work to ensure that the people who work in our city can live in our city.


Transparency and Communication

When was the last time you personally heard from your city councilor? If elected, I commit to holding quarterly public community meetings and improving the quality of communications from the city

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