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Why is a permit from the Coastal Commission required even if your home isn’t that close to the beach? Because the city has not completed the development of an important part of its municipal code - its Local Coastal Program. As city councilor, I will work to complete this important aspect of the municipal code and bring local control over development back into our city. Here are some facts about this issue:

  • Every city in the coastal zone in the state of California needs to have a certified Local Coastal Program in order to have local control over coastal development. 

  • A city’s Local Coastal Program is developed in partnership with the Coastal Commission, and is used to regulate development in the coastal zone and protect coastal resources.  

  • The Local Coastal Program is made up of two parts - a Land Use Plan and Implementing/Zoning ordinances to implement the Land Use Plan. 

  • In 2013 the Coastal Commission certified the city’s Land Use Plan. Solana Beach was one of the last coastal cities in the entire state of California to develop a Land Use Plan. In contrast, our neighbors Del Mar and Encinitas had their Local Coastal Programs fully certified by the Coastal Commission in 2001 and 1995, respectively.

  • In the 9 years since our Land Use Plan was adopted, the city has not fulfilled its second set of requirements as it has not developed the required Implementing/Zoning Ordinances. 

  • Without both the Land Use Plan and the Implementing Ordinances, the city cannot have a certified Local Coastal Program. 

  • Without a Local Coastal Program, development within the city requires a separate permit from the Coastal Commission.

Why hasn’t the city been able to develop the zoning ordinances to implement its Land Use Plan? It has had almost a decade to do so. 

In order for our city to truly have local control over development, I will fight to get these ordinances developed and certified by the Coastal Commission. This will also have the added benefit of removing an unnecessary permitting burden that is currently borne by the residents of our city.

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