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Fact vs Fiction

We get it - we live in a small town, rumors can fly :) We'd like to set the record straight. Of course if you have any questions or want to discuss these issues further, please contact us.

Facts about Kristin and her campaign for Solana Beach City Council

In this heated political climate, hyperbole and misinformation can distort community discussions and mislead the voting public. False statements are being made that I will single-handedly bring increased housing density, traffic and parking problems to our city. Much of this supposed controversy swirls around Senate Bill 9 (SB9), the state’s subdivision law, that allows lot splits and additional structures on single family properties. This may sound like a big change or frighten some people, but frankly SB9 will be used infrequently in Solana Beach and duplexes are already allowed in many areas of the city. As I have stated previously, I support the existing community regulations regarding residential development, including setbacks and heights. The following Q & A illustrates the reality of SB9 that the opposition willfully ignores

In order to address the housing crisis, we must collaborate to provide a diverse range of housing options to address the ongoing needs of our community. Building heights and setbacks are established by the city’s municipal code. The existing ordinances concerning height, setbacks, and views are well established community standards and I respect the work done to protect our community character by establishing these limitations. Read more about my position on housing

As a city councilor, I will fight to ensure that the city is provided the necessary funding and resources by the state to address state-mandated housing requirements. It is not economically feasible or practical to assume that private entities will build the required affordable housing units out of the good of their own hearts. It will require a partnership with the city, supported by state and federal housing funds, to make this happen. And this is what I will fight passionately for - to ensure that the city is financially supported to provide affordable housing for all of its citizens. Read more about my position on affordable housing

In 2020, SANDAG completed the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA) process, and allocated 875 housing units, varying from very low income to above moderate income to the City of Solana Beach. The city unsuccessfully appealed this allocation to SANDAG. The city also sued, appealed, and lost in the California courts. SANDAG’s housing allocation to Solana Beach was upheld. These requirements are firm and the housing allocation is no longer something we have the option to revisit, appeal, or fight. Read more about my position on affordable housing

Every city in the coastal zone in the state of California needs to have a certified Local Coastal Program in order to have local control over coastal development. The Local Coastal Program is made up of two parts - a Land Use Plan and Implementing/Zoning ordinances to implement the Land Use Plan.  In 2013 the Coastal Commission certified the city’s Land Use Plan. Solana Beach was one of the last coastal cities in the entire state of California to develop a Land Use Plan. In the 9 years since our Land Use Plan was adopted, the city has not fulfilled its second set of requirements as it has not developed the required Implementing/Zoning Ordinances to complete its Local Coastal Program. As city councilor, I will work to complete this important aspect of the municipal code and bring local control over development back into our city. Read more about my position on permitting and local control

Solana Beach has a shortage of middle-income housing and a lack of small multi-family housing developments. The absence of such housing is driving the displacement and severe rent burden of our friends and neighbors. As city councilor, I will work to create opportunities for all generations to live and flourish in Solana Beach. In response to the housing crisis and the need for more equitable housing opportunities, State Bill 9 (The California Housing Opportunity and More Efficiency (HOME) Act) was passed in 2021. The HOME Act streamlines the process for a homeowner to create a duplex or subdivide an existing lot. Any new housing created as a result of this bill must meet a specific list of qualifications that protects historic districts, prevents tenants from being displaced, preserves environmental quality and the look of communities, and prevents the further spread of short-term rentals. Read more about my position on the HOME Act and Solana Beach’s implementation of this law

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