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Affordable Housing

As a city councilor, I will fight to ensure that the city is provided the necessary funding and resources by the state to address state-mandated housing requirements. It is not economically feasible or practical to assume that private entities will build the required affordable housing units out of the good of their own hearts. It will require a partnership with the city, supported by state and federal housing funds, to make this happen. And this is what I will fight passionately for - to ensure that the city is financially supported to provide affordable housing for all of its citizens.

Some additional background on the history and requirements surrounding housing issues can guide the framework on how we, as a community, can work toward this shared goal of providing housing for all of our community members while maintaining our community’s unique character and also rising up to address the housing crisis.


These requirements are firm and the housing allocation is no longer something we have the option to revisit, appeal, or fight. Let’s save money and start working on how to make this work for all of us here, now, and in the future.

Read more about my position on housing, setbacks, building heights, and other community development guidelines.

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