Fahrenwald homestead in South Dakota

We set off from Madison NE for Yankton SD a little bleary eyed from our previous evening. In 1868 my mother’s family, the Fahrenwalds, homesteaded a farm 9 miles north of Yankton, and sold the farm in 1906 to the Dahlerup family in order to move to Rapid City SD. My mother, who has done extensive genealogical research on our family over the course of 20 years, had previously contacted the Dahlerups to see if they had any information about the Fahrenwalds. They responded with lots of extremely useful information, and said that if we were ever in the area, we should stop by to see for ourselves. Fortuitously, Yankton was on the way from Denver to our next destination in Minnesota, so we arranged to meet them at their farm. Janet and Jason warmly greeted us with their two sons and showed us their property. Only two buildings remain from Fahrenwald times, a barn and a chicken coop, but it was interesting nonetheless to see the artifacts built by my great-great-great grandparents. Janet then gave us a tour of the local cemeteries to visit various relatives’ graves. Some of the older cemeteries were picturesquely situated on higher hills in the rolling South Dakota landscape, and the play of the wind across the golden wheat fields complimented the serene scene.