Moving and storage

Today we moved most of our earthly possessions into storage – a 5×10 foot storage unit to be specific. For the past two weeks, we have been working hard to sell, give away, or donate much of our furniture, clothes, books, and other random stuff that we have collected over the past couple of years. It really is amazing what you manage to accumulate, and move repeatedly from place to place, before you finally realize that you don’t actually need your high school graduation beer stein from 1990 (only in Wisconsin).

So we thought we had it narrowed down pretty well. Upon hauling our remaining belongings over to the storage unit, 5×10 feet was feeling a little tight, but after some creative furniture-and-box tetris we managed to fit all of it with room to spare. The first layer consisted of our mattress and box springs, with a tower of boxes topped by a not-so-light armchair, and the second layer consisted of additional boxes, two bookshelves, two surfboards and a bike. We’ll finish it next weekend with our remaining clothes and bikes.

We’re now hanging out in our mostly empty apartment, sitting on camping chairs and sleeping on our backpacking thermarests, but we figure it’s just toughening us up for the road trip ahead. I think in the future, if we ever accumulate more stuff than can fit in a 5×10 foot space, our lives will have gotten too complicated.