Can you really just take off for a year of travelling?

The answer is an emphatic yes. When we tell people about our plans, we invariably hear one of two responses: 1) Isn’t that going to hurt your career? or 2) I have always wanted to do this and I will now live vicariously through your blog. So I’d like to take this opportunity to respond to both of these statements.

First, we do have some friends who have taken similar long trips – they are all gainfully employed and did not encounter difficulties finding new positions when they returned from their travels. In fact, it seems that during many of their interviews post-travel, their interviewers were so distracted and jealous about their travels that they talked more about their international vacation experiences than their previous job experiences. A nice way to break the ice and connect with people for sure. And frankly, if someone is going to be a stick-in-the mud about taking some time off to enjoy life, they’re probably not an employer that I’d be happy working for.

Second, you don’t need to live vicariously through our blog – you should make it a goal that you are going to do this at some point in your life if it’s something you really value. There will probably never be a ‘perfect’ time to do something like this, and there will always be reasons or difficulties or fears, but make it a high enough priority and you will make time.