Our new Honda Element Camper: hot or not?

We flew down to San Diego on Friday to pick up our freshly converted Honda Element from Ursa Minor Vehicles. They had the car for the last few weeks to install their ECAMPER, converting it to a camper top vehicle.

We flew down from San Francisco on the new Virgin America Airlines. Getting on the plane feels more like stepping into a trendy San Francisco bar. Pink and purple mood lighting fill the plane and trendy music beats play as you settle into your white leather seats. Virgin Atlantic planes must also be the the coolest ones at the party – our plane arrived a fashionable two hours late.

We woke up excited Saturday morning to meet up with the Ursa Minor folks to get the car. We had yet to see a picture of how the white top would look on top of our car, so we were anxious to see what it looked like. You can paint the top the same color as the car, but we kept the top white to keep it from getting hot inside. SparkleGirl3348 loved they way it looked the moment she saw it, and I keep swaying between thinking it looks cool to thinking it looks strange. It is a moot point anyways, as this car is for function, not fashion. Ursa Minor showed us how to operate the camper, and answered the few remaining questions we had. The camper is so easy to use, it takes seconds to setup and bring down. After breakfast in Old Town, a family stood around staring at us while we put the top up to show our friends and take pictures.

We left San Diego after breakfast, heading up the coast back to San Francisco. We will be testing out the camper tonight at San Simeon State Park, halfway between San Francisco and LA, and we can’t wait to try sleeping in it!

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