Visiting random people in Central/South America

Neither Cornelius nor I really know anyone south of the border, but I was thinking it could be great to get to know people in the countries we’re planning on visiting. We’ve been reading about all sorts of cool things you can do, like volunteer in schools, work on a farm for a day, live with families for a week to learn spanish etc, but I think it could also be cool to visit with people I have met through Kiva. I pasted this from their website: “Kiva helps people loan money to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world. By choosing a loan on Kiva, you can “sponsor a business” and help the world’s working poor make great strides towards economic independence. Throughout the course of the loan (usually 6-12 months), you receive email journal updates from the entrepreneur you’ve sponsored. As loans are repaid, you get your loan money back.” We lent money to people in Honduras, Bolivia, Peru, and Mexico – they were all women working on their own small businesses. So far about 50% of my loans overall have been paid back, without any defaults. I wonder if we could visit these women?