Visas, Diseases and Health Insurance

There are some great links if you want good info on immunizations, what meds you should take etc when you’re traveling – just check out the CDC Travelers Health Home website for lists of the world’s regions, which are then further broken down by categories. Looks like there’s nothing unexpected – we’ll need to be up-to-date on our MMR, DTP, Hep A/B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, and they say rabies – I didn’t know there was a vaccine for that. Then a bunch of places have some malaria risk depending on what region you’re visiting, and the CDC also describes which malaria meds still work for those regions (resistance is an big problem worldwide).

In terms of visas, the State Department Country Specific website lists the visa requirements country by country – I think the only places for which we’ll need visas are El Salvador, Venezuela, Brazil, Paraguay, and Chile, but we’ll double check. For each country they have different requirements describing how to get a visa – some look like a pain but others look pretty easy.

Finally, for health insurance there are a bunch of options – MultiNational Underwriters, Worldwide Medical, and New York International Group had the most info online. Looks like it will be around $1000/6 months – this includes the ‘extreme sports/adventure’ package, which really isn’t very extreme. Unless you get this, if you’re doing anything fun like like rock climbing, kayaking, scuba diving and you get hurt, you won’t be covered. Check the details of the policy to make sure they cover emergency evacuation back to the US as well. I think all of these do but we’ll make sure before we purchase a plan.