Committed professional with over ten years of experience in technology and life science.  Ability to work across many disciplines and with people at all levels of responsibility.  Excellent management of client/partner relationships even when working in remote locations or offices.  Exceptional analytical and organizational skills gained from seven years of work in private, non-profit, and government environments.  Able to successfully enter a new field and rapidly understand the underlying issues and subtleties, proven by diverse variety of projects managed across different software platforms and subject areas.


Website Design: Using Adobe’s Creative Suite I work with clients to turn their concepts into striking designs. Also enjoy using tools like Balsamiq for wireframing.

Website Theming: Excellent understanding of HTML and CSS. I take great pleasure in converting designers’ concepts into custom responsive Drupal themes, building subthemes from powerful base themes like Omega and AdaptiveTheme.

Configuration: Drupal’s contributed modules are my playground and Drush is my friend. Most websites I build start with the basics (Context, Ctools, Devel, Features, Nodequeue, Token, Views) and are further improved for usability with additional contrib modules (including Admin menu, Advanced Help, Backup and Migrate, CKEditor, Google Analytics, IMCE, Metatag, Mollom, Pathauto, XMLSitemap)

Custom Module Development: Building on my working understanding of PHP, I have built custom modules using Drupal’s hooks. When I hit a roadblock, a combination of Google, Drupal’s forums, and Stack Exchange is almost always sufficient for problem solving.

Server Management: I am comfortable administering email clients, website domains, and hosting services using tools such as SSH, CPanel or FTP.

Database Management: I have a working understanding of MySQL, and can write and execute basic SQL commands either via SSH or PHPMyAdmin.

Best Practices: Even hearing about other people working outside of source control makes me cringe. Prefer to use git but can use SVN as well. PHPStorm is currently my IDE of choice.



8/2012-present date

Founder, Designer, and Front End Developer at Bevelsmith

Using the Drupal platform, built a turnkey website solution for picture frame stores. This niche-website builder was a proof-of-concept project to demonstrate how non-technical clients can create and manage their own website with little assistance. Currently Bevelsmith has twelve paying clients with several new leads every month.

  • Worked with back-end Drupal developer to design system where a non-technical user could click a button to build and configure a website. Developed use cases, managed software development, and completed custom configuration of delivered product. In a nuthshell, the system uses XMLRPC calls between the client and server to create a new website using a custom Drupal installation profile and a multisite setup.
  • Designed Drupal themes for both the Bevelsmith website and 3 theme options for clients’ Bevelsmith sites.
  • Created direct-mail marketing, online marketing, and print marketing campaigns to reach the desired test-case niche audience (custom frame stores)
  • Manage day-to-day client interactions and new customers
  • Configure and monitor servers for optimal performance of Bevelsmith clients’ websites

1/2010-present date

Founder, Designer, and Front End Developer at Rikuni

Worked as a freelance designer and website builder for a variety of small- to medium-sized businesses. Created custom website solutions built upon open source solutions (primarily Drupal). Analyzed business needs and developed comprehensive technical solutions, including cost estimates, project planning, and hands-on implementation.

  • Installation, design, and custom configuration of Drupal websites, including custom module development. Also have experience working with Joomla, Magento, Mediawiki, and WordPress.
  • Analysis of existing websites to develop comprehensive plan for CMS upgrade and design improvements.
  • Recent examples of Drupal websites:

1/2011-5/2012, Project Manager and Front End Developer

Locus New Media

Worked with design and development teams to create custom website solutions. These included Drupal and custom HTLM websites, multilingual Drupal site for a Spanish festival,

9/2006-7/2008, Washington, DC

Science & Technology Policy Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
Immediate Office of the Secretary

Responsibilities included: policy analysis and research; development of options papers to inform policy, legislative, and regulatory decisions; management of the activities of related workgroups; facilitation of inter-agency collaborations; and outreach to non-governmental stakeholders.

9/2004-8/2006, Emeryville, CA 

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Chiron Corp. (now Novartis) 
Departments of Bioorganic Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemist working as a team member with both the bioorganic and medicinal chemistry departments of Chiron Corp to develop new synthetic methods, improve solid phase synthetic techniques, and perform lead optimization.

9/1999-6/2004, Berkeley, CA

Graduate Student
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering   

Led three independent organic chemistry research projects; presented research to the chemistry department; completed five graduate level classes in organic, physical organic, bioorganic, and combinatorial chemistry; and mentored graduate students and undergraduates both in the laboratory and as a graduate student instructor.

8/1997-8/1999, Medford, MA

ArQule, Inc.
Department of Biochemistry

Develop biochemical assays, adapt the assays for high throughput screening, screen combinatorial libraries for activity against a variety of targets, and present research to the biochemistry team.


  • 12/2004: Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley
  • 5/1997: B.A. in Chemistry, Haverford College, graduated with Honors



Fulfilling a longtime dream, my husband and I spent 18 months driving the Pan-American Highway from San Francisco to Buenos Aires.  Two months in the United States, two months in Mexico, five months in Central America, and nine months in South America took us through fourteen countries and over 27,000 miles of road.  We learned Spanish, met wonderful people, visited amazing cultural sites, saw gorgeous natural wonders, volunteered time, learned to surf, implemented technical solutions for a variety of small business and non-profits, and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.


  • Blog chronicling our travels by car from California to Argentina in our Honda Element.
  • During our travels throughout Latin America, we were frustrated by the lack of information on border crossings, road conditions, gas prices, and campsites.  We built a comprehensive website for other people traveling Latin America by car.